Partnerships play an important role in ZNAPZ existence, where we do believe in the virtual enterprise. A cooperation of companies created to solve any current business issues of the joint customers in a certain area. Therefor ZNAPZ is always looking for partners where the joint strength is more than the strength of the two individual parties. Good partnership based on a long-term valuing relationship is the drivers.

BSI - British Standard Institute

The British Standard Institute is a key player in all ISO standardization. Besides this they have developed an ISO management application, Entropy, for which ZNAPZ is a distributor BSI - British Standard Institute

Code Development

Automated testing is a key element in developing an application quickly that supports the user requirements, to the final detail. Besides this MaxTaf also enables user process training, evaluating how the business processes are properly reflected in MAXIMO Code Development


ISO 55000 is a strategic pillar for ZNAPZ, we were delighted that we could sign the strategic alliance with Copperleaf to become their European Distributor for Asset Investment Planning & Management, the tool that supports customers in many of the ISO 55000 requirements Copperleaf

IAM - The Institute of Asset Management

Working in the Asset Management Industry, especially in Europe means to follow the developments closely. ZNAPZ people have been certified on PAS55 through the partnership with IAM. ZNAPZ is a regular contributor to the IAM events, often together with Copperleaf IAM


It all started many years ago with MAXIMO, which was acquired by IBM in 2006. ZNAPZ has become a Business Partner in 2012 and is aiming to extend this partnership geographically and in intensity with IBM for many years to come. IBM Maximo Asset Management


OXplus has been a partner for ZNAPZ especially in the rail industry area. OXplus specializes in Business Consultancy and are experts in MAXIMO’s ACM module OXplus


The systems performance is one of the key acceptance criteria for the users to love or hate the system. Many customers suffer from a poor performance of their application for many reasons. With the tools of Reflective, especially Sentinel and StressTester we are able to enalize and optimize the performance of the integrated MAXIMO system Reflective